Privacy policy

Vivavivu respects the confidentiality of personal information of passengers. All information collected is handled and protected properly.


1. Scope of the data to be collected.

The information collected at Vivavivu during passenger's registration process includes:

  • Name, date of birth and gender of passengers to serve the purpose of registration of flight with the airline. Passengers are responsible for providing correct information on the comparison with personal papers will be used to perform the flight.
  • Passenger’s habits when using products & services for the purpose of analysis to support improving the quality of products and services Vivavivu.
  • Personal tax code to serve the purposes of VAT invoices.
  • Contact telephone number, fax number and e-mail service for the purpose of communication with passengers.
  • Address to serve the purpose of sending tickets on request, additional information for hotel products and travel insurance.
  • Credit card numbers, cardholder name, CVV number, date of expiry of the card to serve the purpose of completing orders for payment orders to pay online.
  • Personal account to serve the purpose of refunding to passengers upon request.
  • Personal email, personal phone numbers, social network accounts (Facebook, Instagram, G +, Twitter, Pinterest, Wordpress, etc...) for monitoring and newsletter promotion.

Customers are not required to create or have Vivavivu’s account to access, make & buy with Vivavivu.

2. What do we collect passenger data for ?

The information about the customer's data is collected to complete the process of buying and selling products and services at Vivavivu, especially services, airfare, travel insurance and hotel. The information collected can also be used to provide products that will be developed in the future Vivavivu.

In some cases, we may also use the information that was provided to the program to poll clients, advertising campaigns, promotions, product quality references, etc ... Vivavivu also will use the data provided for statistical purposes. All process or statistical surveys will be carried out internally or through reputable partners to protect the privacy optimal customer Vivavivu. Statistics are done with the aim of improving the quality of services and products.

3. Scope transmission of passenger information through other units.

Vivavivu commits to only transmit customer data to airlines, hotels, travel insurance, banking partners, payment gateway partners of and direct partners who work with Vivavivu.

Vivavivu commits to the customer's data is transmitted only to prestigious partners who have highly secure mode, reliability and absolutely no abuse of user privacy on Vivavivu.

Vivavivu has the right to provide personal data to government agencies with lawful requests from governments. Vivavivu does not sell information collected about users of this site or other customer of Vivavivu to different companies aiming to profit.

4. The scope of communication between the user and is allowed to contact the user when necessary, through email, sms, fax, letter, phone, social media channels and in person to discuss the consultancy, sale, negotiate and settle claims, customer care, and customer surveys and notify their customers of the advertising, promotion from or from the airline. Users may refuse to accept advertisements and promotions from

5. How to change personal details, and refuse to accept advertising ?

Each member of Vivavivu (user) to have the right to see and change your personal information on the site Vivavivu. To do this, the user must enter the site Vivavivu and sign in with a registered account. User may be asked to activate the subscription emails or agree to change the information is sent to the automated system of Vivavivu.

User who signed up to receive information from Vivavivu may refuse to continue to receive information at any time. User can delete the data registered in at anytime. have the right to store user data in a legal way for the purpose of transactions, accounting and orders to pay online.

6. Google Statistics:

Vivavivu can use Google's statistics to measure the quality of products and services as well as the habits of users to support the purpose of advertising, marketing. The cookies are used to measure the collected data stored on the user's computer after clicking. These cookies are usually active for 30 days and did not include personal content. The details on how to use the above information is stored and comply with regulations, Google's privacy regime in

Users can restrict the data collection process of Google by blocking cookies on a computer programmed by the user with the functionality of the internet browser. However, to support the quality assurance of some websites, Vivavivu encourages users not to block cookies unnecessary.

7. Use of cookies

Vivavivu may use cookies to identify the access of the user's past at Vivavivu. These cookies contain data that users access and search from the last run related soles airline tickets, travel insurance, hotel or products which provided by Vivavivu website.

Users can restrict the data collection process of Vivavivu by blocking cookies on a computer programmed by the user with the functionality of the internet browser. However, to assist us to ensure the quality of web pages to serve customers better, Vivavivu encourages users not to block unnecessary cookies.

8. Data Collect Activities:

All Companies belong to East Sea Group (ESG). Details of the company are included in the "Contact Us" on the sites of Vivavivu.

9. Exclusion of Liability

Complete information on the rights and privacy policy on the site of what was included Vivavivu out in section Privacy Policy under Vivavivu sites. However, in the course of implementation and handling of customer data, Vivavivu can flexibly implement our Privacy Policy section, as long as Vivavivu commits of no abuse of user privacy.

Vivavivu has no obligation to pay compensation for the abuse of the privacy and security policies without the legal requirements from government agencies.

Vivavivu commits efforts associated with the most prestigious sites for maximum protection of user privacy. Vivavivu is also not responsible for the privacy policies of other partners.

10. Change of the privacy policy

Privacy Policy may be changed according to the actual situation without prior notice. Vivavivu will update the change of privacy policy on the sites of Vivavivu.